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Subj: [EuCW] 2020 CW activity: HB-OCWA
Sent: 191126/1631z @:DB0HB.#HH.DEU.EU [HH-AIRPORT] DP6.00 $:Q1L4KA_DB0HB
From: DJ6UX @ DB0HB.#HH.DEU.EU (Eddi)
To:   AGCW @ EU 
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*Every participant can win a fantastic lottery prize in the HB-OCWA activity
 for 2020*

To mark the 40th anniversary of the Helvetia Telegraphy Club (HTC) and 
to inspire amateur radio operators in Switzerland and elsewhere to 
increase Morse Code activity on the HF bands, we are pleased to invite 
CW fans around the world to join us during 2020 in a stimulating activity.

We have set up a website dedicated just to this activity: You 
can start logging QSOs on Jan 1, 2020.

HB-OCWA involves CW contacts among amateur radio operators with Swiss 
callsigns as well as contacts with hams in other countries. Indeed, 
radio amateurs from outside Switzerland are very welcome to register and 
then participate – but in order for them to reach the number of QSOs 
needed to receive an attractive award certificate and qualify for a 
prize draw at the end of the program, each 2-way CW contact for this 
program must include an operator with a Swiss callsign.

Among the lottery prizes to be drawn at the conclusion of our 
anniversary year, we have transceivers (KX3, KX1, PFR3, ATS4b), Begali 
paddles (Sculpture, Adventure) and a range of technical books. The full 
list of prizes is available at

Because our goal is to encourage casual conversations on the air, these 
contacts must be far more than "599 TU" and must last for at least 10 
minutes. Additionally, both stations must log the contact in the online 
logbook at for the QSO to count for points. The HB-OCWA program 
will be in effect for the entire 2020 calendar year (Jan 1 through Dec 
31) so as to give participants the most possible time to make as many 
QSOs as possible that qualify for the program.

Recommended frequencies (kHz): 1835-1840, 3535-3540, 7035-7040, 
10125-10130, 14035-14040, 18085-18090, 21035-21040, 24905-24910 and 
28035-28040. However, participants are encouraged to focus on the HTC 
watering hole / Morse Code broadcast frequencies of 3569, 7033 and 14062.

Paul HB9DST / ECM for the Helvetia Telegraphy Club

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