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Subj: [EuCW] Bulletin 2021 Feb
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Subject: [EuCW] Bulletin 2021 Feb
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IZ2FME EuCW Chairman

EuCW Bulletin No 2021/01

1) Invitation to join the International CW Council

The Long Island CW Club, our Associated Member
(more info at:
has decided to build up the "International CW Council" and EuCW Club is
ready to join in. A lot of cw Associations have already joined the ICWC
(and others are coming in). ICWC aims are to spread the cw learning and
find common strategies to protect cw and the cw bands. We had a virtual
meeting in January (the participants were:
AGCW-DL: Karlheinz DK8KK;
CWops: Rob K6RB, Stew GW0ETF, Dallas K1DW (abs), Joe AA8TA;
Essex CW UK: Andy G0IBN, Rob M0KCP;
EuCW: Michele IZ2FME;
FISTS UK: John M0CDL, Rob M0KCP, Paul M0BMM, Roger MI0WWB;
K1USN: Pi K1RV, Frank K1EBY, Rich K1DJ, Rick N1DC;
LICW: Howard WB2UZE, Jim W6JIM;
SKCC: Randy KB4QQJ, Ron AC2C, Dave W1DV (abs);
4SQRP: Johnny AC0BQ).

   So, if your Clubs are interested to join, please write an e-mail to
Howard WB2UZE (; we've a dropbox site and a
forum to exchange ideas about cw. Any suggestions will be very appreciated.

2) DK7VW is SK

Our award manager DK7VW is unfortunately SK, in early 2021, at the age of 66
he passed away. He served as our contest manager from 2006 to its final
edition in 2013 hosting the EuCW Fraternizing Party. Moreover, he served as
manager of our EuCW Award from 2005 to 2020, thus succeeding his predecessor,
the late OM Günther, DJ2XP, in both functions. Werner recovered the remaining
stock of awards from Günther's family thus assuring the continuity of the
award. We will not forget him as a friend and co-worker of EuCW. Since the
1980s Joe was involved in the creation of such well-known telegraphy
associations as AGCW, EuCW, FOC and HSC. For a time he was 1st chairman of
the AGCW-DL; he was licenced by the FCC with the extra-class call N7VW.
Recently, he had joined the "First Class CW Operators Club" (FOC) and the
High Speed Club (HSC from 1951) on February 8th, 1996 by applying for the
HSC award. We miss him.

3) FT8 operations at 3.547 Mhz

Every afternoon / evening until the early hours of the morning, FT8 signals
are often active on 3547 kHz, upper sideband; there is a large number of
South Korean stations using this frequency in digital modes. Unfortunately,
the 80m band in South Korea is very narrow; in fact the cw / data / SSB
range is from 3500 to 3550 kHz (there is another 10 kHz between 3790-3800 kHz).
We're trying to find a solution with an IARU intervention. Any suggestions
will be evaluated

4) Did you know that? (something about the EuCW history)

Do you know when the EuCW was born and why? In 1978, SCAG took the first
initiative. Statutes were proposed on June, 1978 (These statutes are
re-printed in SCAG-NL #50 from April 1978). According to these statutes
only clubs with at least 100 individual members could be members. The
leadership of EuCW should rotate on a yearly base. The following year, in
1979, the EuCW was founded officially. In 1986 there was an internal
discussion in SCAG whether or not to withdraw from EuCW, however, the
General Assembly of SCAG decided to remain in EuCW because a majority
understood the advantage of a united CW organization in Europe. A weakness
of the early years was the change of president every year. The printing and
posting of the bulletins was expensive and more often than not, the presidents
paid from their own pocket. Therefore, several clubs decided not to host the
presidency. The tendency not being able to lead the EuCW went on even in the
Internet age. The present term should have been under the rule of UFT. In
1987, DJ2XP took over the Fraternizing Party. The FP date changes from June
to late November. 25.04.1987: SCAG assembly in Täby gives up plans for
withdrawal from EuCW. In 1988, Novice award of GQRP gets the status of an
official EuCW activity. EuCW Net (80 m QTC net) operative since September.
More info on our website (

I wish you all the best and stay safe!


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