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EI2GYB > PACKET   16.04.19 11:12l 274 Lines 15477 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 9405_EI2GYB
Sent: 190416/1008Z 9405@EI2GYB.DGL.IRL.EURO BPQ6.0.16


Command	Argument	Description
?APRS? [7]

When found in the data field of a received frame, TNC initiates transmission of GPS capture buffers (see LOC)

3rdparty	ON|OFf	
Allow PMS messages to other than SysOp

8bitconv	ON|OFf	Pass or strip high-order bit in CONV mode
ACKprior	ON|OFf	Enable prioritized acknowledgements
ACKTime	n = 0-250 (14)	Sets delay for prioritized acknowledgement
ADrdisp	ON|OFf	Displays addresses for monitored frames
AMonth	ON|OFf	Select alphabetic or numeric month in date
ASyrxovr [6]	none	Async. receive overflow error counter
ASYFrerrr [6]	none	Async. framing error counter
ASYQover [6]	none	Async. overflow error counter
AUTOFwd	ON|OFf	Enable automatic forwarding of PMS messages
AUtolf	ON|OFf	Send linefeed to terminal after each CR
AWlen	n = 7-8	Number of bits in each byte sent to terminal
Ax2512v2	ON|OFf	Select Ver. 2.0 (ON) or 1.0 of AX.25 protocol
AXDelay	n = 0-180	Extra keyup delay for voice rptr (n * 0.1 sec)
AXHang	n = 0-20	Voice repeater hang time (n * 0.1 sec)
BAud [1]	none	Sets terminal and radio baud rates
BBfailed	none	bbRAM failure message
BBSmsgs	ON|OFf	Alter message display for BBS applications
Beacon	E|A n=0-250	Beacon timing/mode (E|A)(0-250 *10 sec)
BSLot	n = 0-59 (60)	Value indicates second to be used, 60 disables beacon slotting function
BESLot	ON|OFf	(ON)Selects TDMA beacon timing (OFF) selects conventional timing
BKondel	ON|OFf	Select (ON) backspace or del for DEL key
BRAange [1]	n = 1-4 (3)	Sets beacon timer interval
BReak	ON|OFf	Enable response to BREAK signal
BSUBSLOT	n = 1-9 (0)	Value indicates tenth of a second slot to be used, 0 disables
BText	text	Text to be sent as beacon (max 120 chars). BT % clears this field.
BUdlist	ON|OFf	Treat LCALLS as the only stations to monitor
Bye [4]	none	PMS user command to exit the PMS
CALibra [1]	none	Enable calibrate mode for the built-in modem
CALSet [1]	n = 0-65335	Sets parameters for CAL "LED counter"
CANline	n = 0-$7F	($18 ^X) Sets Cancel-line character
CANPac	n = 0-$7F	($19 ^X) Sets Cancel-packet character
CBell	ON|OFf	Enable (ON) connect bell on terminal
CHeck	n = 0-250	(12) Connection check time (n * 10 sec)
CHECKV1	ON|OFf	Enables Checktime for AX.25L2V1
CLKadj	n = 0-65335	Real time clock adjustment (slows clock)
CLKSet	ON|OFf	Enable clock setting by BBS connection
CMdtime	n = 0-255	(1) Sets the transparent mode timeout value
CMSg	ON|OFf	Enable the connect message function
CMSDGisc	ON|OFf	Enable forced disconnect after Connect Msg
COMmand	n = 0-$7F	($03) Set CONV to CMD mode entry character
CONMode	CONV|TR	Mode to enter when connection occurs
Connect	Call string	Open a connection via optional repeaters
CONOk	ON|OFf	Enable accepting connections
CONPerm	ON|OFf	Select temporary or permanent connection
CONRPT	ON|OFf	Xmits GPS capture buffers (LTEXT, L1, L2, L3text), STEXT (if not blank), and CTEXT (if CMSG is ON) , when station connects to TNC
CONStamp	ON|OFf	Print date and time on connect messages
CONVerse	none	Enter CONV mode from CMD mode (alt = K)
CPactime	ON|OFf	Enable CONV mode timed packet dispatch
CR	ON|OFf	Select appending a CR to each data packet
CRAfter	ON |OFf	Add CR after monitored frame
CStatus	none	Display the status of all streams
CText	text	Connect Message Text (120 characters). CT % clears this field.
CWid [3]	E|A n=0-250	CWID frequency/mode (E|A)(0-250 *100 sec)
CWIdtext [3]	text	Up to 32 alphanumeric characters for CWID
CWLen [3]	n = 1-9	(6) Set CWID wpm (9=13, 6=20, 3=40)
DAytime	yymmddhhmmss	Set or display date and time
DAYUsa	ON|OFf [2]	Date format mm/dd/yy (ON) or dd-mm-yy
DEAdtime	n = 0-250	(20) Sets the length of the slot used in SLOTS
DELete	ON|OFf	Select BS char: BS($08)(OFF) or DEL($7F)
DIGI-NOT-OWN [7]	This function causes the TNC to never digipeat a frame that was originated with that TNC's MYCALL. It prevents multiple repeating of the same frame due to multiple alias callsigns.
DIGI-ONCE [7]	This function causes the TNC to only digipeat a frame once when it finds its MYCALL in the path and the "has been repeated" bit is on.
DIGIpeat	n = 0-8	0= DIGIpeat OFF (the old DIGI N)
1=DIGIpeat ON and DIGI-SWAP enabled
2= DIGIpeat ON and DIGI-NOT-OWN enabled
3=DIGIpeat ON, DIGI-NOT-OWN and DIGI-SWAP enabled 
4= DIGIpeat ON and DIGI-ONCE enabled 
5= DIGIpeat ON , DIGI-SWAP and DIGI-ONCE enabled
6=DIGIpeat ON, DIGI-NOT-OWN and DIGI-ONCE enabled 
7=DIGIpeat ON, DIGI-SWAP, DIGI-NOT-OWN, and DIGI-ONCE enabled (Default)
8=DIGIpeat ON (like the old DIGI Y with no new features)
DIGISent [6]	none	Digipeated frames sent counter
DIGI-SWAP [7]	This function causes the TNC to replace the alias call in a frame with the MYCALL when the TNC digipeats a frame. This allows subsequent stations to know the real path taken by the frame so that a reverse addressed frame may be sent back. It also puts valid packet station identification in the frame.
Disconnect	none	Teardown connection on current stream
DISPlay	A,B,C,G,H,I,L,M,P,T	Display ALL or selected parameters (i.e G = GPS parameters, etc.)
DWait	n = 0-250	(0) Extra digipeater delay (n * 10 msec)
Echo	ON|OFf	Echo parameters typed on keyboard
EBEacon	ON|OFf	Sends BTEXT to the terminal port vice RF port
EDithdr [5]	to call, @ call	Edit PMS message 'to' or '@ BBS' callsigns
ELOc	ON|OFf	Select async or RF location beacon
EScape	ON|OFf	Set ESC character ($1B)(OFF) or ($24)(ON)
FIrmrnr	ON|OFf	Reduce frequent polling of busy packet stations
FIXType	n = 0-4	(1) Type of search to indicate good GPS fix
Flow	ON|OFf	Inhibit output to terminal while user is typing
FOrward [5]	Msg #	Cause PMS Msg # to be reverse forwarded
FNPms	callsign	[via callsign #2] Force PMS forward via node
FPms	callsign	[via callsign #2] Force PMS forwarding
FRack	n = 1-15	(3) Set time to wait for packet ack
FSCreen	ON|OFf	Select four column DISPLAY presentation
FUllduplex	ON|OFf	Select simplex or duplex mode
GPS	ON|OFf	Configure the serial port for a GPS receiver
GPSExit	none	(1) Sets character to exit GPS scan mode
GPSItext	blank	Command string sent to GPS if GPS=ON. GPSI % clears this field.
GPSTExt	$GPGGA	Fill-in GPS NMEA-183 string to be used. GPSTE % clears this field.
GPSType [1]	n = 0-8	Selects type of GPS string format
HEaderli	ON|OFf	Header and text on same/separate lines
HEALled	ON|OFf	Normal/software test by CON/STA LEDs
Help or ? [4]	none	PMS Help display for the PMS user
HId	ON|OFf	Enable ID packet every 9.5 minutes
HOMebbs	callsign	Callsign of 'Home BBS' serving you PMS
HOvrerr [6]	none	HDLC over run error counter
HUndrerr [6]	none	HDLC under run error counter
Id	none	Send ID packet (UI frame via UNproto path
Jlog [4]	none	Displays the MHEARD for the PMS user
K	none	Alternative form of the CONV command
KIll or Kill [4]	n	Kill (delete) message number n from PMS
KILONFWD	ON|OFf	Kill (delete) PMS messages after forwarding
KISs	ON|OFf	Select KISS mode. Must follow by RESTART
KM [5]	none	Kill all PMS messages addressed to my callsign
LCAlls	call # 1-8	Callsigns to receive or ignore (see BUDLIST )
LCok	ON|OFf	Convert lower to UPPER case (async)
LCStream	ON|OFf	Allow STREAM ID char to be lower case
LFadd	ON|OFf	All Line Feed to each CR sent to terminal
LFIgnore	ON|OFf	Filter embedded linefeeds in received data
LGEtchar	n = 0-$7F	($00) Set character to trigger async LTEXT dump 
** LGEtchar should be set to $05 for use with APRS Release 74d and later**
LG1text	none	String accepted from GPS for PMS history log. LG1 % clears this field.
LG2text	none	String accepted from GPS for PMS history log. LG2 % clears this field.
LG3text	none	String accepted from GPS for PMS history log. LG3 % clears this field.
List [5]	none	List the 10 most recent PMS messages
LOCation	E|A n =0-250	Position report timing/mode (E|A)(0-250 *10sec )
LOGonmsg	ON|OFf	Enable standard PMS logon message
LPATH	call string	(GPS) Path & address to send UI location frames
LTEXT	Waiting Data from GPS	String accepted from GPS to be sent by LOC command. LTEXT % clears this field.
L1text	Waiting Data from GPS	String accepted from GPS to be sent by LOC command. L1 % clears this field.
L2 text	Waiting Data from GPS	String accepted from GPS to be sent by LOC command. L2 % clears this field.
L3 text	Waiting Data from GPS	String accepted from GPS to be sent by LOC command. L3 % clears this field.
LSLOT	n = 0-59	(60) Selects second location beacon is sent
LSLOTMIN	n = 0-59	(60) Selects minute LSLOT timing applies to
LSUBSLOT	none	Divides LSLOT into two time slots
MAll	ON|OFf	Monitor connected frames and UI frames
MAXframe[2]	n = 1-7	(4) Number of outstanding frames allowed
MCOM	ON|OFf	Display data/all (CON/DIS/UA/DM) frames
MCon	ON|OFf	Monitor UI frames while connected
MFilter	n = 0-$7F	Four characters to purge from monitored data
MHClear	none	Clear the Calls Heard list
MHeard	none	Shows calls heard and date/time (if clock set)
MIne or Mine[4]	none	List messages to/from callsign
MKiss	none	Immediate entry into KISS mode
Monitor	ON|OFf	Monitor ON - see BUD, MALL, MCON, MST
MRpt	ON|OFf	Display monitored digipeater paths
MSGHdr	ON|OFf	Add message header to forwarded messages
MSGRoute	ON|OFf	Deletes most BBS routing history in PMS msg
MStamp	ON|OFf	Select time stamping of monitored frames
MYAlias	call [-n]	(none) Alternate callsign (for digipeater use )
MY1alias	call [-n]	(none) Alternate callsign (for digipeater use)
MY2alias	call [-n]	(none) Alternate callsign (for digipeater use)
MY3alias	call [-n]	(none) Alternate callsign (for digipeater use)
MYcall	call [-n]	(NOCALL) Station callsign for ID and linking
MYPcall	call [-n]	(none) PMS callsign (different than MYCALL)
MYRose	call [-n]	Callsign of local ROSE switch
NEwmode	ON|OFf	Select timing and method of changing modes
NODetext	text	(blank) Callsign string for FNPMS command. NOD % clears this field.
NOmode	ON|OFf	Allow explicit mode change only
NUcr	ON|OFf	Select sending NULLS ($00) after a CR
NULf	ON|OFf	Select sending NULLS ($00) after a LF
NULLs	n = 0-30	# of nulls sent if NUcr or NULf enabled
Paclen [2]	n = 0-255	(128) Number of bytes of data in a frame
PACTime	E|A n = 0-250	(A 10) TRANS mode timer (n * 100 ms)
PARity	n = 0-3	Serial parity: 0/2=none, 1=odd, 3=even
PASs	n = 0-$7F	($16^V) Sets the value of the PASS char
PASSAll	ON|OFf	Display frames with valid CRC or all frames
PASSWD[1]	(PASSWORD)	Remote Call password (19 char maximum)
PErsist	n = 0-255	(63) Set threshold for KISS retry probability
PIdcheck	ON|OFf	Select all protocol ID or PID F0
PMs	ON|OFf	Enable Personal Message System
PMSConn [6]	none	PMS connection counter
POrt [1]	1|2	Set radio port, modem tones, baud rate
PPersist	ON|OFf	Selects channel access timing method
PPRint [1]	Msg #(s)	Print PMS message(s) via printer port
PRefix	 	($00) Specifies char. added to monitored frames
PRAutolf [1]	ON|OFf	Add line feed to each CR set to printer
PRInt [1]	ON|OFf	Enable printer port operation
PRPage [1]	ON|OFf	Enable control of printer pagination
PRPDisc [1]	ON|OFf	Send form feed char upon DISCONNECT
PRPGln [1]	n = 1-99	(60) # of lines per page if PRPAGE is ON
PRTTOFf [1]	n = 0-$7F	($0F^O) Disable print char (if PRTTgl ON)
PRTTON [1]	n = 0-$7F	$10(^P) Enable print char (if PRTTgl ON)
PRTTgl [1]	ON|OFf	Set print control via PRTTON/PRTTOFF
PRTUifra [1]	ON|OFf	Send monitored frames to printer port
RCVDFrmr [6]	none	Received frame rejection counter
RCVDIfra [6]	none	Received frame counter
RCVDRej [6]	none	Received reject frame counter
RCVDSabm [6]	none	Received SABM frame counter
RCVDRNr [6]	none	Received RNR frame counter
Read [5]	#	Display PMS message # to operator or user
REConnect	call string	Reestablish a connection via a new path
REDisplay	n = 0-$7F	($12^R) Set character to print the input buffer
REMote	ON|OFf	Enables remote operation
REMSysop	ON|OFf	Enable Sysop functions for remote operator
RENUmber	none	Re-number all PMS messages starting with 1
RESET	none	Reset TNC and set bbRAM to default parameters
RESptime	n = 0-250	Select the delay for sending an ACK (n * 100ms)
RESTART	none	Reset TNC using user supplied parameters
REtry	n = 0-15	(10) Max number of retries (0 = infinity)
RFNPms	callsign	[via callsign #2] Force PMS rev forward via node
RFPms	callsign	[via callsign #2] Force PMS reverse forwarding
RTCSync	ON|OFf	Syncs real time clock with GPS time
RXAbort	none	(1) Receive abort counter
RXblock	ON|OFf	Format TNC data for computer processing
RXCount [6]	none	Received frame counter
RXErrors [6]	none	Received error counter
RXLenerr [6]	none	Received length error counter
RXResync [6]	none	Receive re-synchronization counter
Screelen	n = 0-255	(0) Select line length (screen width) for terminal
SEND [4] or SP [5]	callsign	Creates a message to from user
SB [5]	callsign	Create a bulletin message
SEND or SP [5	callsign	Create a message to from MYPcall
SEndpac	n = 0-$7F	($0D CR) Select the character which sends frame
SENTFrmr [6]	none	Frame rejects sent counter
SENTIfra [6]	none	Information frames sent counter
SENTRej [6]	none	Frames rejects sent counter
SENTRNr [6]	none	RNR frames sent counter
SLOts	n = 0-127	(2) Number of slots is SLOTS timing
SLottime	n	(50) Set KISS rigor in accessing channel
SR [5]	Msg #	Enter reply message to callsign of Msg # in PMS
ST [5]	callsign	Enter a 'TRAFFIC' msg to in PMS
STArt	n = 0-$7F	($11^Q) Set XON char for data to the terminal
STATus	none	Query connection and frame acknowledgement status
STExt	text	PMS custom sign-on msg text (max 80 chars)
STOp	n = 0-$7F	($13^S) Set XOFF char for data to terminal
STREAMCa	OFf	Select showing the callsign after stream identification.
STREAMDb	ON|OFf	Print the stream switch character once/twice (||A)
STReamsw	n = 0-$FF	($7C ) Set the character to use to change streams
TKILlok	ON|OFf	Allows any PMS user to kill NTS messages
TRACe	ON|OFf	Select the hexadecimal trace mode
Trans	none	Place the TNC in TRANSPARENT mode
TRFlow	ON|OFf	Enable flow control to the terminal (TRANS mode)
TRIes	n = 0-15	Set or display the current retry counter
TXCount [6]	none	Frames transmitted counter
TXdelay	n = 0-120	(15) Keying delay for the transmitter (n * 10ms)
TXDELAYC	n = 0-120	(12) Number of character times of extra TXD
TXFlow	ON|OFf	Enable flow control to the TNC (TRANS mode)
TXQovflw [6]	none	Transmit queue overflow counter
TXTmo [6]	none	Transmitter time out counter
TXUifram	ON|OFf	Enable sending UI frames in CONVERSE mode
UIBeacon	ON|OFf	Xmits BTEXT when callsign in unproto string
UILOc [1]	ON|OFf	Xmits LTEXT,L1text,L2text,L3text when callsign in UI string
UIMODe	ON|OFf	Immediate entry into CONMODE on power up
Unproto	call string	(CQ) Path and address to send UI frames
USers	n = 0-10	(1) Sets the numbers of streams (connections)
Version [5]	none	Displays sign-on banner
Xflow	ON|OFf	XON/XOFF Flow control enabled vs hardware
XMitok	ON|OFf	Allow the transmitter to be keyed
XOff	n = 0-$7F	($13^S) Set the character to stop data from terminal
XON	n = 0-$7F	($11^Q) Set the character to start data from terminal

             ____  __  ____   ___  _  _  ____    ____  ____  ____ 
            (  __)(  )(___ \ / __)( \/ )(  _ \  (  _ \(  _ \/ ___)
             ) _)  )(  / __/( (_ \ )  /  ) _ (   ) _ ( ) _ (\___ \
            (____)(__)(____) \___/(__/  (____/  (____/(____/(____/
                     Packet: EI2GYB@EI2GYB.DGL.IRL.EURO
              Email: EI2GYB@GMAIL.COM - Blog:

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