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Hi Pete and anyone who shives a git,

In the UK that has an entirely different meaning. (;->)

I haven't received HBO since Carlin's famous 7 words, that was when cable was 
easy to pirate. Speaking of the bleeper, back when AM radio was king and 
Nillson was popular WABC bleeped Take 54 because it has an F bomb in it. That 
was easy in production, they transferred all the music to carts making it 
simple for the engineer and saving wear on the discs. Then after a few plays 
they banned Desmond Decker's The Israelite thinking it was anti-Semitic while 
the other stations still played it. They finally woke up and realized it 
referred to the Rastas that like many Blacks from North Africa think they're 
one of the lost tribes of Israel. There is historical evidence they had close 
ties in antiquity but that's as far as it goes and I digress again. Since 
then NY has experienced and still does much Island music notably Reggae with 
mixed lyrics, English and Patois.

As an aside, Lenny Bruce started a trend back in the 50s that turned me off 
on what would otherwise be great stand up comedy, excessive cussing. IMO a 
rough word here and there often adds to the routine but some take it WAY too 
far using cuss words as conjunctives, they cant string a sentence together 
otherwise. My first exposure many years ago was Bob and Ray who had a show on 
WOR and a stage act, on air they were funny but on stage they carried a 
bucket of blue paint. Face palm time.

No point rehashing that CB callsign again but I'll say one thing, while ours 
even without number prefixes followed the Amateur call districts yours seem 
to have followed the DoT vehicle registration plan. Back then our DMV issued 
plates easily traced to the city of registry, the first I remember dad having 
was UU49Y. It was 49 in the Union County series and Y was Rahway, the office 
that issued it. Now like callsigns you can't tell where they come from.

11M CB was one of the biggest blunders in radio history. Originally CB was in 
the 460MHz band or thereabouts, still CB of sorts being General Mobile Radio 
Service (GMRS) and the flea power handheld Family Radio Service (FRS). Public 
Service has the lion's share so when it was reallocated the FCC gave CB 
"equivelent spectrum" without thinking it's anything BUT equivelent. The 150 
mile limit was and is a joke, radio waves on HF know no bounds. I have a few 
tales of early DX but they're boring, even a cave man can do it to borrow 
from an old Geico commercial.

That radio you could bypass a resistor in wasn't any of the big name American 
brands, it was one of the first Japanese radios that flooded the market and 
put the Yanks out of the CB business. Canada is Americas hat so your radios 
answer to a higher calling. (;->)

Speaking of directors, inspectors, reflectors and infectors, once upon a time 
I was hounded by an FCC field engineer with a CB bug up his butt and the 
director of the NY field office was my pen pal. The "engineer" didn't know 
his arse from a hole in the ground, would you believe I had to show him how 
to use his own equipment? Yeah, incredibly stupid but he tried. The windup is 
between myself and scores of area CBers writing flaming responses to the 
citations he ended up flying a desk in Baltimore. A few years later a friend 
called, seems the field engineer had a huge difficulty tracking down the 
source of TVI in response to a neighbor complaint. A low pass filter is not 
standard issue so I brought mine, no change. HUH? I also brought a dummy 
load, no change. There it was, a big spike on the spectrum analyzer, the 3rd 
harmonic smack on TV channel 5. Only one explanation, the radio was defective 
and radiating from the case. Solution; replace the radio but in the mean time 
here's a cease and desist order to satisfy the irate neighbor. BTW he was 
rather confused how to operate the spectrum analyzer new to him but I helped 
him figure it out. I'd never seen one before but sometimes two heads are 
better than one. That's when to borrow the alternate title of Dr. 
Strangelove; how I learned to love the FCC.

This is getting long so I'll end with this note, CO2 is Havana and to the 
best of my knowledge CO2GAS is only found in fire extinguishers. Oh before I 
forget, time outs aren't limited to the internet, they started a LONG time 
ago with radio links. No sense playing ACK and FRACK ping pong with no data 
being exchanged, that ties up a port for nothing.

73 de Warren

Station powered by JCP&L atomic energy, operator powered by natural gas.

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