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Title :

Title : ORBCOMM Receiver: New Open Source Software for Monitoring
Orbcomm Satellites

Content :  Thank you to Frank for  submitting his new RTL-SDR
compatible Orbcomm Satellite monitor software called "Orbcomm
Receiver" . Orbcomm is a low earth orbit satellite communications
system that operates in the 137 - 138 MHz frequency range. The
satellites specialize in remote IoT and machine to machine (M2M)
connectivity, an example use case being a GPS tracker on a shipping
container regularly uploading GPS coordinates from anywhere in
the world via the Orbcomm satellites. Orbcomm satellite signals
are fairly strong and can easily be received with an RTL-SDR and
V-Dipole antenna. 

Title : Creating a 21cm Galactic Sky Map with an Airspy and 1.8m Dish

Content :  Marcus Leech from  is a pioneer in using low
cost software defined radios for observing the sky with amateur
radio telescopes.  In the past he's shown us how to receive things
like the  hydrogen line ,   detect meteors  and  observe solar
transits  using an RTL-SDR. He's also given a good overview and
introduction to amateur radio astronomy in  this slide show . 

Title : r2Cloud: Software for Automatically Decoding APT/LRPT
Weather Satellites and Cubesats on a Raspberry Pi with RTL-SDR

Content :  Thanks to a tweet by  @rf_hacking  we recently  came
across an interesting project called "r2cloud" . This is an open
source program provided on a ready to use image for the Raspberry Pi
that can be used to set up an automated satellite recording station
for NOAA APT and Meteor LRPT signals, as well as for CubeSats. 

Title : A Motorized Backyard Radio Astronomy Telescope made with

Content :      A Geostationary Satellite Imaged with the RTL-SDR
Based Mini Radio Telescope  

Title : An Active Low Cost HF Loop Antenna Made in the UK

Content :  Cross Country Wireless is a UK based company that
has  created an active HF loop antenna for only $70 USD including
international shipping . The loop appears to have already been for
sale for a while now, but recently they've created a new version
that can be easily powered by a 5V bias tee with at least a 67 mA
current capacity. This makes it very easy to use with radios that
have built in bias tee's such as our RTL-SDR Blog V3 and SDRplay
and Airspy units. The page reads: 

Title : Updates on the PICTOR Low Cost Open Source Radio Telescope
Based on RTL-SDR

Content :  Back in July  we posted  about PICTOR, an open source
and RTL-SDR based radio telescope project. The owner of the project
recently wrote in and wanted to share some updates. His text is

Title : Using an RTL-SDR to Investigate GPS Interference Problems
on Drones Caused By HD Cameras

Content :  Over on YouTube Drone and Model Aircraft enthusiast
channel  Paweł Spychalski  has uploaded a video showing how he
determined that cheap HD cameras that are commonly used on hobbyist
drones can cause locking issues with the on board GPS. He writes: 

Title : SDR Makerspace Conference to be Held in Switzerland in

Content :  SDR Makerspace is a community based in Greece that is run
by the  European Space Agency  and  Libre Space Foundation  (who
are responsible for the  SatNOGS  project). It provides funding
and resources for Software Defined Radio based space communication

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