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Hi Pete and all,

I never saw anything about the CERN experiment to begin with, must have 
flown by at .99C and I missed it. What's even more confusing, so much so 
even scientists can't settle is the photon. Having characteristics of bot 
a wave and a particle and being light itself they call it a massless 
particle... huh? So what about "light" outside the visible spectrum? Why 
radio waves and not radio particles? Recent experiments with photons have 
shattered several theories but what have we learned? We have learned to 
listen to Einstein, "Well, it's only a theory."

I leave you with this thought; when you go out in a sun shower carry an 
umbrela or you'll be bombarded with photons. Fasionable ladies of times 
past had the right idea, a parasol on a sunny day prevented sunburn, 
photons are hot. (;->)

73 de Warren

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