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DT:Wednesday,October 12th.,2011 @ 1409hrs EST <JPST>

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> Title        : Re: VE3WBZ > Neutrinos
> Hi Pete and all,
> I never saw anything about the CERN experiment to begin with,
> must have flown by at .99C and I missed it. What's even more
> confusing, so much so even scientists can't settle is the photon.

Hello Warren and our lurkers...

Yeah ...Ian was right, as it was on our national news, and BBS
and other world news as well.

Ian did a good job in his SIENCE@WW at the time, and well based
upon the works of others, and a modest gentleman, by what
Ian wrote of Einstein, it is still being checked, as I have
not seen anything about it.       Great of Ian to bring it up
as well Maria mentioned it after watching her country's national
and International news.

> Having characteristics of bot a wave and a particle and being
> light itself they call it a massless particle... huh?
> So what about "light" outside the visible spectrum? Why radio waves
> and not radio particles? Recent experiments with photons have
> shattered several theories but what have we learned? We have learned to 
> listen to Einstein, "Well, it's only a theory."

Ok ... we need a resident "expert" to go over this with you.

> I leave you with this thought; when you go out in a sun shower carry an 
> umbrela or you'll be bombarded with photons. Fasionable ladies of times 
> past had the right idea, a parasol on a sunny day prevented sunburn, 
> photons are hot. (;->)

  I can leave you with this thought too, and a few others.   When I
started sailing, one of the first things told me , were dress and
wear a hat.   None of the Beachboy stuff at the flicks.    This was
also reinforced in the Royal Navy Seaman's handbook and covered
by  "self Inflicted Wounds" ....and thats what happens when sunburned
so dress < cover up> and wear a hat.

Nothing new.   Besides the northerners fry in the sun, while the
native people just brown up.   Something in the pigment and living
so close to the equator where the sun is always overhead and
temperatures can fry the feet on the beach.

> 73 de Warren
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 No doubt, that Ian will alert us all again with SIENCE@WW instead
of SPACE ..huh?   ..Oh ok ... time for an update perhaps from Ian
if anyone has said anything over there on these experiments?

 Please Ian ... the Yellow Submarine and crew are preparing for another
trip ... yeah north... might be the last for the season.

73 Pete VE3WBZ

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