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Hi Pete and all,

Photons keep falling on my head
Pretty soon my skin will be bright red
Doctor confined me to bed
Cause photons keep falling
They keep falling..............

No apologies to B. J. Thomas or B. J. Hunicutt either.

Like I said, photons are hot but unless neutrinos fall en masse they 
can't really be measured but when they were first discovered they became 
a hot sci-fi item. One of the best laughs I got out of a movie was the 
either unintentional or veiled humor (don't know what they were thinking) 
in This Island Earth. Look it up on line for the plot. It all started 
when a couple of electrical engineers got a hold of plans from an unknown 
source and built an interrositer. (?) When it shot out neutrino beams 
that burnt up the book with the plans in it the laughs started. It just 
got worse with the character and planet names, all towns in southern 

Oh yeah, out on the water between direct sun and reflections it's pretty 
easy to burn. Same with sand which gave rise to Arab dress, funny how the 
bennies run around mostly naked and wonder why they go home sore. Your 
native people may just brown up but Arabs don't cover head to toe for 
nothing, have you ever seen a Black with severe sunburn peeling all over 
the place? I have, look at the tan lines and go hmmm.

73 de Warren

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